About Us

In 2019 Piktori was created an online platform where Pop Art & Motivational Art ideals became spreadable in an easy and covenant form. 

The working team has been created with talented likes of Dutch ,Pakistanian and Indian specialists who, with the help of our excellent designers & marketing specialists built Piktori to what it is today.

We care a lot about keeping high standards in respect of our customers and we put the maximum professionalism to any deal we make.

Piktori acts as a platform for customers to feel welcome to our page and feel inspired by our items. We are making Art more available to everyone, making it more affordable and accessible to every person.

We update our items and collections monthly with original art pieces unique in their kind.

We hope that Piktori is the solution to find all the niche artwork you have been keeping an eye out for. We hope you like what you see, and find the perfect piece that you want all your furniture pointing at.

Welcome at Piktori and Happy Shopping.


Piktori Team

CEO Paul van Dijk

VAT/BTW 8638.54.564.B.01
CoC/KvK 86081454